Integral Accounting Enterprise Help System

A brief overview of the Integral Accounting Enterprise System:

Integral Accounting Enterprise is a complete accounting system that can fulfill all of the accounting and business management needs of any size organization. Implemented in ASP Dot Net and Visual Basic Dot Net, using multi-tiered design and taking advantage of today's latest and most advanced database system, SQL Server 2005, Integral Accounting Enterprise can meet all of your enterprise needs.

Integral Accounting Enterprise's multi-tier design separates the Interface (Presentation Layer) from the Business Logic and the Database Layer, so the system can be easily adapted to various environments or scaled across multiple systems. (Please see the diagrams on the Overview Page for more information)

Integral Accounting Enterprise is multi-company capable. It supports an unlimited number of companies, each with an unlimited number of divisions within each company, and an unlimited amount of departments within each division. Each Company / Division / Department is its own entity, with the ability to manage their own general ledger. 

The system supports the use of multiple currencies, and allows any transaction to be entered in any currency. An exchange rate table can be managed in the system and can be kept updated with the latest exchange rate information. The system also supports multiple warehouses, multiple bins for warehouses, allows receiving into multiple warehouse bins, and tracks inventory by warehouse bin.

Integral Accounting Enterprise features the following accounting functionality: General Ledger, an Accounts Receivables System, an Accounts Payable System, an Order Entry System that supports emailing order and shipping confirmations, a shipping module which retrieves real-time shipping rates from UPS and FedEx over the Internet, a Contract Management System, an Inventory Control System that supports the FIFO, LIFO and Average Inventory Costing Methods and also allows the building of assemblies, a Purchasing System that allows receiving into multiple warehouses, and over 100 customizable reports in HTML & ASPX format. 

The system also features a shopping cart completely integrated into the accounting package. When an order is entered through the shopping cart, the shopping cart posts a receivable to the AR, posts the order in the order database, debits Inventory and puts customer information into the customer tables. The shopping cart also retrieves rates from UPS and FedEx in real time, and can create an E-Commerce Site "on-the-fly" from the items in the Enterprise item database. The system also has a screen where customers can check order status, retrieve tracking numbers and re-print invoices for their records.

Integral Accounting Enterprise uses controls that either come with Microsoft Visual Studio Dot Net or are completely written by STFB Inc. There are no third-party programs used with our software. This ensures that there are no licensing and distribution problems when you customize the software and want to redistribute the application to your clients.

The complete source code for Integral Accounting Enterprise, including the project files, and all the source code for every layer in every tier is included with the package so you can modify it and customize it to exactly meet your organizations needs. You can also customize the program for a vertical market and resell it, or integrate the system with your own custom solution and resell it to your existing user base.

About this Help System

The help system that is included with the Integral Accounting Enterprise System is separated into four main parts:

Getting Started & Installation Guide - This guide contains all of the information that you need to know in order to Install and Configure the Integral Accounting Enterprise software. This section also contains information about our license agreement and the system set-up checklist.

User Manual - This guide contains the end-user documentation for the system, including detailed documentation on how to enter and process orders, invoices, purchase orders, payments, how to apply cash and how the general ledger works.

Technical Reference Guide - This guide contains technical information about the system such as naming conventions and systems functions including the base classes, modifying web services, how security and record locking work, and information about the shipping components.

Troubleshooting Guide - This guide contains a list of the steps and procedures that need to be followed when an error occurs in the system, and lists the common errors that may occur in the system and how to resolve these errors.

Please be sure to read and review all of these documents prior to installation and configuration of the Integral Accounting Enterprise System.